Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC DN Contemporary

After getting rid of my full frame equipment (the what and why maybe in another post) the big question was: Which lens should be my first one (besides the 1650 kit) for my A6400?
One has always need for a normal lens, so round about 30-40mm it has to be. A fast lens, of course, not to big, not to expensive. In the end it was a neck-and-neck between the Sony 35 f1.8 OSS and the Sigma 30 f1.4. Two things decided: the Sigma is bit wider – what I prefer and cheaper (always preferable). So how is it, then?

A bit of a handful, it’s not an exceedingly compact lens and there’s a certain heft to it. It does feel like an expensive item, but I’m not one of those who need a pricy feel – as long as it’s good, I’m fine with evident plastics. The lens hood doesn’t lock on as firmly as it should and increases the size furthermore. But all in all it does feel well balanced on Sonys APS-C cameras.

Is really fast enough, although it’s not a sports lens. The infamous f2-problem (do a google search) doesn’t concern me because my A6400 is always in AF-C tracking mode. Might be a problem for some people on older bodies.

Image quality
Well – excellent. Centre sharpness is already excellent wide open, the corners need a little stopping down but then they’re excellent, too. Creamy bokeh (bokeh balls stay round if you stop down a little), beautiful sunbursts stopped down to f11 or f16. Some chromatic aberrations and quite the barrel distortion which is corrected electronically.
Flare resistency is good, although not on Zeiss level.

299 EUR I paid for this little gem which is a bargain in my book.

On my full frame A7 I loved my Minolta 45 f2 although I also had an 50 1.4. But the 5mm wider field of view really appealed to me. So it’s quite logical that I also like the images of the 30mm APS-C lens. It’s good for knocking background out of a portraits and also a corner-to-corner sharp lanscape image. It’s affordable with excellent image and very good build quality. Downsides are the flimsy lens hood and the size/weight.
Recommend it!


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