Vilt-rocks?? Viltrox 23 f1.4

Back when I still had my A7, the Samyang 35 f2.8 was essentially glued onto that cam. I love that focal length, it’s just so universal. And the Sammy is sooooo small!! Perfect combination.

For APS-C one could use the Samyang 24 f2.8. But too me, it just never was fast enough. So I was quite excited when Viltrox announced their lens-lineup which included a fast 23. Unfortunately, it took it’s sweet time until it was finally availiable.

But after what felt like about a century of waiting I finally could buy one for about 280 EUR. So how was it??


Well, neither especially fast, nor slow. OK, I’d say. Eye-AF working, focus motors not too loud (I’m no videographer so it’s not really important to me). But – I had quite a number of misfocussed pictures. Not many, but enough to bother me. I guess one or two firmware updates will fix this. But until that you have to live with it.


To be blunt: My copy just wasn’t sharp. One could argue I was spoiled by my Sigma 30. But I’m not talking about corner sharpness at f 1.4, but instead centre sharpness at f4. It just lacks sharpness, and that’s one of the points of buying a prime lens. Sure, at f8 everything was peachy, but at f8 – so is the kit lens!


Really liked it, pleasing!


For the price: Excellent. Feels in no way cheap, very nice lens hood (have a long and hard look at that, Sigma!!). And I adore the aperture ring although I really would prefer it clicked. It’s not a especially small or lightweight lens – about the same as the 30mm Sigma.

So – did I keep it?? No… Although I really suspect a bum copy I did not exchange it for a new one but rather sent it back. Somehow it didn’t evoke the magic of the A7 with the Samyang 35. It just fortified a thought in me that was nearly inevitable. I guess the next blog entry will tell…

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