Back to the Fu… …ll frame

Yepp… I did it. I ditched my A6400 and bought back into full frame. An A7RII, to be precise.

“But why?? Is the A6400 a bad camera? Was it’s autofocus to slow? The image quality lacking?” Well – not really. One big reason is GAS, to be honest. But there’s more!

When the light gets dimmer, I was a bit bothered by the noise levels. Yes, it’s a good camera, also in high ISO. But it’s about the same level as my old A7I. The A7RII is a clear advancement, here.

Although the camera is compact, good lenses aren’t. The Sigma 30 f1.4 is optically a beast of a lens – but also quite hefty in size and weight. A 45mm f2 for full frame is basically smaller and more lightweight. So what’s the point of owning a small camera when the lenses are either lacking or big? And if I want to travel really light I’m going to use my phone, anyway.

Good lenses cost good money. Doesn’t make that much of a difference if it’s FF or APS-C. And vintage glass makes so much more sense on a FF sensor.

All this combined with the fact that the A7RII is at a price point where I can afford a used one lead to this decision. Am I happy, now? For the moment… Until a used A7RIII is in my reach…

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