Samyang 24 f2.8

Having sold all my APS-C gear and having spent all my money on ab A7RII body, I was in desperate need of a lens. So I had a look, read some reviews and finally bought a Samyang 24 f2.8. why not the 35mm version I so adore? Because the 24 was cheaper and I always liked 24mm as wide angle focal length.


Is silent enough for me, but I’m no video shooter. It’s not superfast per se, but as a WA – it doesn’t really need to. That being said, you can still get a fast picture with Eye-AF of your wife.


Reviews are a bit mixed in that respect. So here’s my take: is it tack sharp at f2.8? No. Can it outresolve the 42mp sensor at f11? Not really. But is it unsharp? Also no. For a prime it may a bit lacking in sharpness. But it’s sharp enough for bigger prints if stopped down and still better than most zooms. Centre sharpness is good from wide open, get’s very good stopped down. Corners need a bit more stopping down, but at f8 or f11 you get a nice even corner-to-corner sharpness.


CAs are well controlled, as is distortion, but Vignetting is quite severe. Although it’s corrected in the jpegs and most raw converters, it still might be a bit problematic when shooting wide open in the upper ISO range. The correction will raise the shadows in the corners even more and introduce lots of noise. If you’re not doing that, everything is peachy. Flare resistance is ok. Not bad, not especially good. Ok.


It is plastic and lightweight, so, yes, it feels a little cheap. On the lensbody there’s just the focus ring, no button or switch, but it’s a tiny lens so – that’s ok. But having it in your pocket and completely forgetting about it’s presence because it’s so small – that really is a great feat.


No raving accounts of it’s superior image quality. But I still can’t stress enough what a great piece of kit this lens is. It’s just so tiny! Couple that with it’s price ( I paid about 180 Eur brand new) and you get a lens too convenient to pass up. Yes, it’s a little flimsy. It’s also probably not a real 24, more 25mm. And it’s not as sharp as it’s 35mm brother. But still good enough for most use cases. And so tiny! Did I mention it’s tiny???

f14 – sunstars not great but nice enough

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