Sony SEL50F18F

Everyone and his uncle seems to have an opinion about Sony’s cheap fullframe nifty fifty. So here comes mine… (but don’t expect a complete review!)

I got mine used for 180 EUR (new 250 EUR at at the time). Build quality? Actually not bad. Yeah, it’s plastic-y. But it seems sturdy and doesn’t really feel cheap. Plus it’s compact and lightweight and makes an excellent partner to the A7 (it’s less then 170g, and about 7×6 cms).

So how about the AF? Well, first of all: It’s got no fancy modern linear motor but an old school DC-motor. So it’s noisy and not exceedingly fast. In normal use this was no concern to me. But when the light gets dim – the af gets even slower…
Landscapes in good light? I’ll use the 50 any day. But imagine a romantic wedding in a dimly lit church or office – everyone smiling in delight as the wedding bands are put where they belong… *whirr whirr whirrr* … blurred… *whirr whirr whirrr* … blurred… *whirr whirr* „You may now kiss the bride!“ *ARRGH*

In terms of image quality the little lens leaves very little to be desired (keeping the budget-price in mind). Sharpness is acceptable wide open and improves quite a lot when stopped down. I’d rate centre-sharpness very good from f2.8 onwards and excellent by f4. At f8 the corners are sharp, too. Bokeh is very pleasing to my eyes, sunbursts look good at f16.

So would I recommend it? It’s quite a good lens at a bargain price. But if you’re a bit of a perfectionist? Skip it…

Veitshöchheim Rokoko Garden
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