“poor man’s SEL1655G”

Ever since Sony created it’s APS-C line of mirrorless cameras there where people demanding a fast standard-zoom. The full frame lineup got two f4 (24-70/24-105) versions from Sony and one f2.8 (24-70). The years brought quite a range of standard-zooms for APS-C, as finally there where seven of them if i’ve not miscounted (18-55, 16-50PZ,Continue reading ““poor man’s SEL1655G””

Tele on e

Looking for a tele lens on e-mount? That’s an easy thing if you have about 1000 EUR lying around. If not, it can be quite the hassle… I personally have not too much need for teles and am always looking for the cheap way out. As a result I tried quite a few options… CamerasContinue reading “Tele on e”

SELP1650 – Sonys worst kitzoom… …and why I love it

Well, it seams like everyone hates the little thing. Because of it’s powerzoom, because of it’s terrible distortion, because it’s so slow, because of it’s soft corners. And how shall I put it: Yup, it’s true. All of it. But alas – I love it! The Powerzoom:There’s no other way to put it: I hateContinue reading “SELP1650 – Sonys worst kitzoom… …and why I love it”

Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC DN Contemporary

After getting rid of my full frame equipment (the what and why maybe in another post) the big question was: Which lens should be my first one (besides the 1650 kit) for my A6400?One has always need for a normal lens, so round about 30-40mm it has to be. A fast lens, of course, notContinue reading “Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC DN Contemporary”

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