“poor man’s SEL1655G”

Ever since Sony created it’s APS-C line of mirrorless cameras there where people demanding a fast standard-zoom. The full frame lineup got two f4 (24-70/24-105) versions from Sony and one f2.8 (24-70). The years brought quite a range of standard-zooms for APS-C, as finally there where seven of them if i’ve not miscounted (18-55, 16-50PZ,Continue reading ““poor man’s SEL1655G””

Tele on e

Looking for a tele lens on e-mount? That’s an easy thing if you have about 1000 EUR lying around. If not, it can be quite the hassle… I personally have not too much need for teles and am always looking for the cheap way out. As a result I tried quite a few options… CamerasContinue reading “Tele on e”

What in the world is a ‘crop factor’??

Always a source of confusion: the so-called crop-factor. “On APS-C a 35mm lens becomes a 50mm lens. Because, well, crop, you know.” Why that’s not true at all but not that wrong either is a thing I’ll try to explain. Some decades ago, when the hobby of photography reached the masses, there was mainly oneContinue reading “What in the world is a ‘crop factor’??”

From APS-C to full frame and back

I’m a bit of a gadget and technics nerd. So it may not come to a surprise that I don’t keep cameras for a very long time – there’s always something better waiting!So after some dabbling with point-and-shoot style cameras I quickly made the jump from a Minolta dimage 7i to a string of SonyContinue reading “From APS-C to full frame and back”

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